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Gluten Free Labels Restaurant Value Package 1

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  • 200 Gluten Free Toothpick Flags 25 Flags Included Per Pack (Size: Approx. 1.5″, Circular).
  • 1,050 Petite Quality Labels for To-Go Food Containers, Take-Out Bags, Personalize Pizza Boxes, Boxed Lunches, More.
  • 1 Cross Contact Educational Brochure – Cross-Contact is a Constant Concern for Your Gluten Free Customers. Using Gluten Free Labels is like Putting Your Seal of Approval on Every Gluten Free Dish You Serve.
  • Mark Gluten Free Foods with the Gluten Free Flags & Labels to Wave Off Impending Gluten Contaminants
  • Offer Patrons Peace of Mind – Easily Identify Gluten Free Foods by Waving Flags at Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hospitals and/or Universities to Show Customers You Care About Their Health and Gain Loyalty.
  • Using Gluten Free Labels is Like Putting Your Seal of Approval on Every Gluten Free Dish you Serve.

Product Description

Show your gluten free customers you’re on their team with our Restaurant value package 1 from Gluten Free Labels!

Let Gluten Free Labels turn your restaurant, cafe, university cafeteria, church/office shared kitchen, hospital, bakery, etc., into a safe, reliable gluten free environment, today.

Don’t risk another cross-contact slip-up or gluten free take out wrong order.

1) 30 Sheets of Petite Labels — 35 Water Resistant Labels on 1 Sheet (1,035 labels total)

Use these all orange labels to clearly and conveniently inform others of gluten restrictions. Example of uses: zip lock bags, smaller containers, take out left overs, frozen foods dishes and more!

Product Description: Each small sized label is made of pearlized BOPP vinyl. Size: 5/8″ x 5/8″

2) 200 Gluten Free Toothpick Flags in each package (8 packages or 200 total)

Restaurants, Hotels, Cafeterias, Bakeries or More — Show your gluten free customers you’re on their team! Let Gluten Free Labels turn your restaurant into a safe, reliable gluten free environment, today.  Don’t risk another cross-contact or wrong gluten free order slip-up:

  • Easily Identify Gluten Free Meals – Wave Off Impending Gluten Contaminates By Flying These Flags When Serving Gluten Free Meals
  • Encourage Customers to Eat and Enjoy  Toothpick Flags Differentiate Between Gluten Free and Gluten-Containing Foods, Giving Your Gluten Sensitive Customers the Peace of Mind to Dig In
  • Visually Appealing – Brightly Colored Toothpick Flags are Perfect for Finger Foods, Sandwiches, Hors D’oeuvres, Prepared Dishes, Buffets
  • Costs Pennies on the Dollar
  • Bring Attention to Customers that are Gluten Free Intolerant to All Your Staff
  • Finally, Use the Flag as a Promotional Tool for Social Media.  Encourage Your Patrons to Take Photos of Your Gluten Free Meals with a Flag in it, Have Them Post it, Tag it with Your Business and Share it.  It will Spread

3) 1 Educational Cross Contact Restaurant Brochure

Cross contact of gluten at gluten free restaurants can be problematic.  Those who prepare food for the gluten free and non gluten free community must educate themselves (or be educated) on cross contact of gluten and ways to prevent it.  We are proud to have put together a brochure called “5 Ways to Prevent Cross Contact of Gluten ” with a list of our products which may help give gluten free customers peace of mind.  To check out our gluten free restaurant products, click here.


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