Gluten Free Foods got you confused?

You’re not alone — mastering a gluten free diet is tricky, and gluten has been known to hide in some very unexpected places.

The good news: while there are lots of foods that are off-limits on a gluten free diet, there are plenty of foods you CAN eat.

So which foods are gluten free and which are not?

Use this list as a general guideline for gluten free eating. Be sure to check ingredient labels and always call the manufacturer when in doubt. It’s better to be safe than glutened.

• Fruits and Vegetables: All fresh products should be safe. Watch out for pre-packaged fruit and vegetable products (including frozen and canned goods), which may contain gluten or be subject to cross-contamination.

• Meats and Fish: Fresh meats, poultry and fish with no added ingredients are safe if they’re kept away from gluten cross-contamination at the store. Pre-packaged products, such as hams, bacon, sausages and lunch meats, may or may not contain gluten. Several manufacturers label processed meat products gluten free.

• Milk and Dairy Products: Fresh plain milk, butter, plain yogurt, fresh eggs and many cheeses are gluten free. Some other products found in the dairy section, such as tapioca pudding, are gluten free. Some ice creams are gluten free and some are not — you’ll need to check ingredients.

• Breads, Snacks, Cereals and Pastas: With few exceptions, anything you buy in these categories should be specifically labeled “gluten free.” Most grocery stores carry a few of these gluten free staples, but you may find the best selection online.

• Prepared Foods: Only buy frozen dinners or frozen pizzas specifically marked “gluten free” — some larger supermarkets carry a nice selection. Many canned soups contain gluten, so check the ingredients. Ethnic food sections in supermarkets frequently contain some prepared foods that are gluten free.

• Baking Mixes and Supplies: Any baking mix you purchase should be specifically labeled “gluten free.” Most baking supplies, such as baking soda, sugar and cocoa, are considered gluten free, but you should check ingredients to make certain.

• Condiments, Sauces and Spices: You’ll need to check ingredients and/or call manufacturers in most cases to determine what’s gluten free and what’s not. Heinz ketchup and French’s yellow mustard are considered gluten free, and there are multiple gluten free options for tomato sauce and salad dressing. Don’t buy soy sauce unless it’s specifically labeled “gluten free”.

• Coffee, Tea, Soda, Fruit Drinks and Alcohol: Unflavored coffee and plain black or green tea should be gluten free, but flavored varieties may not be. The most popular sodas in the United States are considered gluten free. Juice made from 100% fruit should be gluten free, but fruit drinks made from fruit plus other ingredients may not be. You’ll need to buy gluten free beer, since conventional beer contains gluten. Wine is gluten free (unless you’re super-sensitive). Many people react to gluten grain-derived alcoholic beverages.

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Gluten Free Diet Tips

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