Your Gluten Free Restaurant Can Serve Peace of Mind!

Be the gluten free restaurant everyone is talking about! Gluten Free Labels make it easy for your restaurant, university, pizzeria, bakery, hospital cafeteria or institutional kitchen to maintain a safe, gluten free environment.

Gluten Free Labels are a great way to show customers you care about their health. Bright orange Gluten Free Labels are easy to spot. Their message is crystal clear. Use them to prevent cross-contact exposure while protecting gluten free customers. Dishwasher-safe and oven-safe up to 500-degrees F, Gluten Free Labels fit right into your professional kitchen.

Turn Gluten Free Customers Into Your Most Loyal Customers!

For those living gluten free, eating out can be downright dangerous. For many, ingesting even the slightest trace of gluten results in days of gastrointestinal distress. Cross-contact is a constant concern for your gluten free customers. Using Gluten Free Labels is like putting your seal of approval on every gluten free dish you serve.

Gluten Free Labels Can Make Dining Out a Worry-Free Experience!

Use Gluten Free Labels in your restaurant to bring peace of mind to your customers:

  • Slap a dishwasher-safe label on to-go food containers, take-out bags, pizza boxes, boxed lunches, more.
  • Brightly colored toothpick flags are perfect for finger foods, sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, prepared dishes, buffets.
  • Keep your prep-space gluten free with heat-proof, oven-safe silicone tags. Display them on cookware, kitchen tools, appliances, work spaces.
  • Encourage customers to eat and enjoy! Gluten Free Labels differentiate between gluten free and gluten-containing foods, giving gluten sensitive customers the peace of mind to dig in.
  • PLUS Gluten Free Labels are the best way to bring cross-contact concerns to the attention of your staff.

Show your gluten free customers you’re on their team! Let Gluten Free Labels turn your restaurant into a safe, reliable gluten free environment, today.

Don’t risk another cross-contamination slip-up. Let Gluten Free Labels turn your kitchen into a gluten free safe haven, today!


You’ll find Gluten Free Labels at these quality businesses and institutions. Thank you to our trusted partners for creating a safe, gluten free environment for their customers with Gluten Free Labels.

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