Living gluten free? Concerned about your gluten free health? Experts estimate that about 1% of Americans have celiac disease and need to go on a gluten free diet. The condition, caused by an abnormal immune response to gluten, can damage the lining of the small intestine. That, in turn, can prevent important nutrients from being absorbed. The only way to know for sure if you have celiac disease is to be tested.But even if you test negative for celiac, you can still have a reaction to the gluten in your diet. If you feel you are gluten sensitive you may feel better on a diet with little or no gluten.The good news: It’s getting easier to make healthy choices while living gluten free.Thanks to an ever-increasing selection of gluten free foods, it has become easier for people with true gluten problems to eat healthy diets.

Unfortunately, not all the gluten free foods on the market are healthy. Some are high in saturated fat or cholesterol. Others may be high in calories but contain very little in the way of nutrition.So, keep it simple. The basis of a healthy gluten free diet, as with any diet, should be natural foods. Lean meats, chicken and fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables, and low-fat dairy products are all safe for people with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance (as long as he or she doesn’t have multiple sensitivities or allergies). A check in with a dietitian or certified health coach can help get someone on a gluten free diet on the right track.With growing awareness of the prevalence of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, new foods and products will continue to make meeting the challenges of a gluten free lifestyle easier than ever. One such product is Gluten Free Labels. See how Gluten Free Labels can help you gain control of your gluten free lifestyle. Use Gluten Free Labels to reorganize your kitchen environment while adding peace of mind to every meal, whether you are eating on the go, out with friends, or dining at home.
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What is Celiac Disease?

What is Celiac Disease?Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to the gliadin fraction of wheatprotein and related alcohol-soluble proteins (called prolamines) found inrye and barley. Celiac disease occurs in genetically susceptibleindividuals who eat these proteins, leading to an autoimmune disease, wherethe body’s immune system starts attacking normal tissue. This conditioncontinues as long as these food […]

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What’s the connection between Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance and Infertility? Osteoporosis, depression, anemia—these seemingly unrelated conditions can be the result of undiagnosed or untreated celiac disease. So it should be no surprise that researchers are now discovering a connection between celiac disease, gluten intolerance and unexplained infertility in men and women. Let’s start at […]