Being Glutenized Effects People Differently:

After ingesting gluten, some people experience no outward signs or symptoms of ingesting gluten, yet that doesn’t mean it’s not damaging their small intestines.   Following 6 months of going on a gluten free diet, I thought I knew every time gluten invaded my body.  Typical outcome: I get violently sick within 10 minutes of consuming even a minuscule amount of gluten and I either vomit persistently or it comes out the other end until it stops.  It is an exhausting and awful process.  But, what I didn’t know is that every now and then, gluten somehow tricks my body into allowing it to enter, stay and causes me day-long if not week-long migraines.

From meeting fellow Celiacs at trade shows to starting a quick conversation with a person inline at the grocery store to chatting with a customer representative from, the stories are constantly strange regarding cross contamination and those diagnosed with Celiac Disease’s lack of concern.

I often hear “I am not THAT sensitive to gluten.”

Hum. How do you know how gluten is effecting the inside your body?

Infertility/miscarriages were my only signs of Celiac Disease.  I didn’t have digestive issues, teeth or have skin issues.  Instead, my villi were flattened.  Gluten was destroying the villi in my intestines making conception impossible.  If I had insights into my body, I  would have spared my husband and I the emotional trauma of miscarriage, the expensive of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and went straight to the gluten free diet.  Do I feel so much better on a gluten free diet then I did before going gluten free?  No.  I feel exactly the same.

Yet, my insides have to feel better because they healed after 8 months on a gluten free diet.  I was able to hold my twin girl’s embryos (via IVF – which had failed in the past), deliver them and 2 years later conceive & deliver our son naturally.  That change tells me gluten can be damaging you whether or not they cause outward signs of symptoms.  Why risk it?  Keep all gluten away by taking steps to avoid cross contamination in your kitchen.

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