Here are some some advantages and disadvantages to gluten free box mixes vs. gluten free homemade recipes.

Gluten Free Box Mix Advantage:

  • Convenience – Gluten Free Box Mixes are simple to whip up – often you just need a few additional items (that are staples in a kitchen) to complete the mix.carrot cake
  • Time – Box mixes can be purchased ahead of the time & often cut the time of preparing the food because of the limited number of additional ingredients.
  • Familiarity – One may have a fond association with the brand (Betty Crocker/Bisquick) prior to becoming gluten free.

Gluten Free Box Mix Disadvantages:

  • Expensive – Gluten Free Box Mixes can cost double of a non-gluten free mix.
  • Lack of Pride – You won’t feel as good about saying your gluten free breakfast, dessert, etc., was from a box and not from scratch.
  • Controlling Ingredients – You aren’t able to control what goes into the mix.  So, if you made your gluten free recipe from scratch you could suit your needs by using organic ingredients vs. processed, limit nuts (if you have a nut allergy), etc.

Going gluten free, I am continually striving to learn more ways to cook healthy for my family while balancing the need for more time and convenience. My willingness to try new products and recipes has come a long way from 15 years ago when microwaving was the way I “cooked” my meals but this gluten free change is well worth the healthier lifestyle we all live.