Gluten Free School Lunch Box Labeling Tips:

1) Attach a tag to your child’s school lunch box which the label reads “gluten free” so teachers and cafeteria staff members are gluten free school lunchcontinually reminded that your child can only eat gluten free.  Our tags are dishwasher safe & heat resistant.

2) Simply label your child’s lunch Tupperware and plastic Gluten free school lunch box labelcontainers with our durable and dishwasher safe labels to make back-to-school lunches worry free.  Or, label brown paper bags “gluten free” & have your child throw them out after lunch to reduce gluten cross-contamination.

3) Wave away impending contaminates from your child’s cupcakes or food with our toothpick flags so your child knows which gluten free goodies they can eat at a birthday or holiday party. Toothpick Flag