Lesson 2: Check & Recheck Labels

Product ingredients change.  Checking labels, even if you have done it hundreds of times before, is a necessary evil if you are on a gluten free diet.  I learned this lesson the hard way when additional migraines were triggered after 5 months of eating Good Seasons salad dressing on my salad.

I didn’t bother to check the packaging because for years Good Seasons didn’t contain wheat.  I had checked the packaging when I was first diagnosed with Celiac and it never mentioned wheat containing ingredients until last December when the manufacturer decided to reformulate recipe.

I didn’t notice the change until May while visiting my in-laws who were about to pick up one of my favorite salad dressings (Good Seasons dry mix), read the back and realized it clearly said “Contains: Wheat & Soy” in black, bold letters.  Thank goodness my in-laws did their due diligence because my laziness caused me to get repeatedly sick.

Another line on the back of products to pay attention to is: “Made in a facility that processes wheat“.   (The text is usually hidden in small copy under all the ingredients.) Cross contamination can occur in any facility that processes both “gluten free” foods and wheat based products which is why companies states this sentence.

As a Celiac, I avoid product made in any gluten containing facility like the plague.  They are NOT gluten FREE to me.  If they have any degree of gluten I stay away. I have friends that are allergic to peanuts and they wouldn’t consume a food that was made in a facility that processed peanuts and I suggest, if you have Celiac Disease, you do the same.  Reading labels takes discipline but your body will thank you.

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