Gluten Free Turkey Pancakes


Gluten Free Pancake Mixgluten free turkey pancakes


Apples (Gala & or Macintosh)


Chocolate Chips


BAKING: Mix the gluten free pancake mix.  Preheat a skillet & add a little coating of Crisco on the bottom so the pancakes don’t stick to the pan.  Pour a large circular pancake. Flip, finish and put aside.  Coat the bottom of the skillet again with Crisco and make a pear-like shape (which will be the turkey’s face & wattle). Flip, finish and put aside.  Make the rest of the batter as regular circular pancakes or make a matching turkey shape.

DECORATING: Slice the Gala apples for the turkey’s back feather fan and take the Macintosh apple skin and curve out its snood.   Use the remaining apple for its foot and toes.  Finally, peel Clementine slices to make its bill.  Finish its eyes with chocolate chips and you have yourself a gluten free turkey pancake!  Gobble.  Gobble.