Celiac Gluten Intolerance Testing

Having symptoms or signs of Celiac Disease like digestive problems, skin rashes, or infertility? Then, you should consider getting tested for Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease that effects 1% or 3 million Americans.  Some experts say Celiac Disease has 300 possible symptoms*.  A Celiac Disease diagnosis will improved your overall gluten free health. Getting tested for Celiac Disease is easy and can make major improvements in ones life however, do not eliminate gluten before getting tested.  Going on a gluten free diet without getting tested first for Celiac Disease could have the Celiac panel come back with false results and you won’t have the proper diagnosis.

A proper diagnosis is important because Celiac Disease an autoimmune disorder (which means its genetic – your kids may have it.)   Plus, certain laws are requiring schools to accommodate students with it and so on.  So, if you are symptomatic you should get tested. The tests have become must less expensive and so have the food choices.

If you test positive for Celiac Disease a a gluten free diet is necessary for life!  Also, keep in mind gluten cross-contamination.  A minuscule wheat crumb can begin to lead to intestinal villi flatten.  Dr. Verma, from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said she has seen flatten villi from 50 parts per million (ppm) of gluten per day. One beer can be 19 ppm and still be labeled “gluten-free.  So, if you think you may have Celiac Disease, please continue to be educated to find the right course for you.  There are Dietitians and Health Coaches available to speak with you.  GlutenDude has a list of Celiac Disease symptoms.  Check it out here.

*Source: WebMD.com