Gluten Free Kitchen Tips

Following these gluten free kitchen tips to keep your kitchen safe:

gluten free kitchen tipsTip 1: Label. Labeling refrigerator and pantry shelves in your gluten free kitchen or gluten aware kitchen so others can easily identify foods as their foods gluten- free. The simple act of marking gluten-free foods, items, and spaces with these visible, easy-to-use labels and tags ensures that the home is a safer space for someone diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Tip 2: Purchase a separate sponge in your “gluten free” kitchen for cleaning your gluten free dishes and tag your sponge holder to reduce cross-contamination.

Tip 3: Educate your house guests on gluten and gluten cross-contamination possibilities.  A quick gluten 101 lesson could go a long way in keepinggluten free dishwasher safe labelyour gluten free kitchen safe.

Tip 4: Purchase a second, gluten free toaster. Place the silicon tag (oven safe) around the lever to designate it as gluten free territory in your gluten free kitchen.

Tip 5: Buy a second, gluten free strainer. Attach a gluten free tag to it.

saucepan with ladle_need tag added to handle & potTip 6: Label your condiment jars or containers (so a gluten contaminated utensil doesn’t get dipped into your mustard, jam, cream cheese, or peanut butter). The circle labels work especially well for the tops of jars!

Tip 7: Use a separate cutting board for gluten free food preparation. Designate it a gluten free zone with a label or tag.

Tip 8: Purchase separate sets of utensils for gluten free food preparation. Place these utensils in a separate drawer marked with a gluten free label.

Tip 9: Dedicate a separate set of baking equipment (serving spoons, wooden spoons, and sifter) for gluten free baking. Attach a gluten free tag to the sifter and stick all utensils in your gluten free-labeled drawer.

Tip 10: Use separate pots and pans for gluten free cooking. Attach gluten free tags to these. They are oven safe!

Purchase your own gluten free branded labels, tags and toothpick flags here!