Gluten Free Label Roll


Label Your Home and Beyond with a Roll of Gluten Free Labels!

  • Includes 250 Dishwasher Safe “Gluten Free” Branded Labels for Condiments, Storage Containers, Ziploc Bags, Wrapped Foods, Brown Paper Lunch Bags, Tupperware, and More.
  • Versatile! – Flash these on Jars and Container, Storing Condiments such as the Lids of Mustard, Mayonnaise, Peanut Butter, Jam, Cream Cheese, Hummus, Dips and Spreads.  Baking Supplies, Cutting Boards and Grains also Benefit from Labels to Shield Against Gluten Cross-Contamination Scares.
  • DurableDishwasher Safe, freezer friendly.

Product Description

Each gluten free label roll contains 250, 2″ bright orange labels.  Best of all, the gluten free labels are dishwasher safe so, plastic containers, that are reusable, will be marked gluten-free long after the food is eaten and the plastic containers are washed for future leftovers.


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