Gluten Free Label Roll – Restaurant 12 Roll Pack


Restaurants, pizzerias, hospital, hotels & bakeries can now label their items, like to-go containers & pizza boxes, “Gluten Free” to give customers better peace of mind & alert food service staff of gluten food restrictions.  Includes:

  • 12 rolls of 250 labels (or 3,000) Durable, Dishwasher Safe Labels.
  • Build Loyalty!  Labels Indicate to Customers with Celiac Disease or those with a Gluten Sensitivity Food is Safe and Has Remained Gluten Free.  For Example, If To-Go Box is Sealed With Label, Patron Knows No Contaminates Have Entered.
  • Versatile! Mark These Bright ‘Gluten Free’ Labels on To-Go Food Containers, Take-Out Bags, Pizza Boxes, Boxed Lunches, Work Surfaces, Cutting Boards and More.
  • Cost Pennies on the Dollar.
  • Visually Appealing.
  • Plus, Gluten Free Labels Are the Best Way to Bring Cross-Contact Concerns to the Attention of your Staff.

Product Description

Contains 12 rolls of 250 dishwasher safe labels.

Each label is 2″, bright orange with the words ‘gluten free’ clearly written on them for all to be informed of the gluten restrictions. Best of all, labeled, plastic, takeout containers that are reusable will be marked “Gluten Free” long after the food is eaten and the takeout container is washed for future leftovers.

Restaurant patrons will return thanking owners for the ability to reuse their newly marked containers.

Show your gluten free customers you’re on their team! Let Gluten Free Labels turn your restaurant into a safe, reliable gluten free environment, today.  Don’t risk another cross-contact or wrong gluten free order slip-up.


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