Gluten Free Labels Starter Kit – Orange

BRAND NEW! This Gluten Free Labels ALL ORANGE Starter Kit is perfect those who share a kitchen with someone (have a roommate) & who aren’t gluten free. Or, if you are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or do you have a Gluten Sensitivity then, this Gluten Free Labels labeling Starter Kit is perfect to help you identify your gluten free foods. It includes:

  • 15 Mini Square Dishwasher Safe Labels for Storage Containers, Plates, Ziploc Gluten Free Labels Orange Starter KitBags and More.
  • 6 Circular Dishwasher Safe Sticky Labels for Tops of Condiments, Wrapped foods, Cabinets or Shelves.
  • 2 Heat-Proof, Oven-Safe Silicone Tags Which Hook onto Cookware, Kitchen Tools, Appliances. Put Them on your Toaster, Blender, Crock Pot, Strainer. Don’t Forget the Utensil Drawer!
  • 2 Writable Rectangular Labels to Customize Food Contents With the Name of Your Favorite Dish and Date You Made It.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind Wherever You Go–Take Gluten Free Labels Along on Vacation or When Visiting Friends and Family.
  • A Menu of Items We Recommend You Label and Tag “Gluten Free” is Included Too.
  • Visually Appealing With A Consistent Color so Your Friends/Family Are Informed of Your Restrictions.

Check it out here.  It’s only on sale for a limited time!

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