Gluten Free Toothpick Flags

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  • 25 Gluten Free Toothpick Flags Included Per Pack (Size: Approx. 1.5″, Circular)
  • Mark Gluten Free Appetizers and Foods with the Gluten Free Flags to Wave Off Impending Gluten Contaminants.
  • Offers Peace of Mind – Easily Identify Gluten Free Foods by Waving These at Parties, Buffets, Potlucks, or Eating on the Go.
  • Take to Family/Friends Home – Handy Toothpick Flags are Perfect for Served Food, Hors D’Oeuvres or Cookouts.
  • Versatile – Use as Food Appetizer Toothpicks, Mini Fruit Skewers, Sandwich Picks, Cupcake Toppers, Drink Stirrer, Cocktail Mixer (Fun Alternative to the Drink Umbrella as it will Stick Up in Ice!)

Product Description

Gluten Free Toothpick Flags Do party scenarios cause you worry? Do you watch your gluten free foods like a hawk, obsessing over cross contamination risks? No more! Now, claim your gluten free territory with our gluten free toothpick flags. Wave off impending gluten contaminants by flying these flags in your gluten free fruit platters, finger foods, appetizers, and more! Product description: Each Gluten Free Labels flag package includes 25 gluten free branded toothpicks.

Restaurants, Cafeterias or Bakeries – Show your gluten free customers you’re on their team! Let Gluten Free Labels turn your restaurant into a safe, reliable gluten free environment, today.  Don’t risk another cross-contact or wrong gluten free order slip-up:

  • Easily Identify Gluten Free Meals – Wave Off Impending Gluten Contaminates By Flying These Flags When Serving  Gluten Free Meals.
  • Encourage Customers to Eat and Enjoy! Toothpick Flags Differentiate Between Gluten Free and Gluten-Containing Foods, Giving Your Gluten Sensitive Customers the Peace of Mind to Dig In.
  • Visually Appealing – Brightly Colored Toothpick Flags are Perfect for Finger Foods, Sandwiches, Hors D’oeuvres, Prepared Dishes, Buffets.
  • Costs Pennies on the Dollar
  • PLUS, Gluten Free Labels are the Best Way to Bring Attention to a Customers Gluten Free Intolerance to All Your Staff.


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