Gluten Free Petite Labels Package


Big gluten free label conveniences come in petite sizes! Distinguish the gluten free from the gluten-tainted by conveniently & price effectively branding your gluten free foods with these cute, petite, gluten free labels.  Contains:

  • 35 Dishwasher Safe Labels  Inform Others of Gluten Free Restrictions When Placed on Condiments, Storage Containers, Ziploc Bag, Wrapped foods, Even Drawers, Cabinets, Shelves and More.
  • 1 Heat-Proof, Oven-Safe Silicone Tag Hooks onto Cookware, Kitchen Tools, & Appliances. Put Them on your Toaster, Blender, Crock Pot, Strainer. Don’t Forget the Utensil Drawer!
  • 1 Informative Postcard with 10 Tips to Prevent Cross Contamination.
  • On Vacation/During Holidays…Enjoy Peace of Mind Wherever You Go! Take the “Gluten Free” Branded Labels/Tags When Visiting Friends and Family to Alert All What is Gluten Free.
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Product Description

35 Water Resistant Labels

Use these all orange labels to clearly and conveniently inform others of your gluten restrictions. Example of uses: zip lock bags, smaller containers, take out left overs, frozen foods dishes and more!

Product Description: Each small sized label is made of vinyl. Size: 5/8″ x 5/8″.

Directions: Products must be completely cleaned and dry prior to applying this label. If the label adhesion touches liquid, then the label won’t stick. Simply stick the label onto your desired item and be confident that your gluten free foods and items remain safe and sound.

1 Gluten Free Tag

Attach this dishwasher friendly, oven and microwave safe tag to your gluten free strainer, bread machine, cutting board, grill, pots, pans, serving utensils, spatula, flour sifter, or dough board.

Product Description: Our tag is made out of 100% silicon to withstand oven, dishwasher, and/or microwave use. Size: 2”.

One round silicon tag with silicon strap is included in this package.


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