Ultimate Kit


Let the ultimate gluten free labeling, tagging, and flagging commence in your gluten free kitchen! This convenient, comprehensive gluten free labeling kit includes:

  • 15 Mini Square labels for Storage Containers, Plates, Ziploc Bags and More.
  • 6 Circular Dishwasher Safe Sticky Labels for Tops of Condiments, Wrapped foods, Cabinets or Shelves.
  • 2 Heat-Proof, Oven-Safe Silicone Tags Which Hook onto Cookware, Kitchen Tools, Appliances. Put Them on your Toaster, Blender, Crock Pot, Strainer. Don’t Forget the Utensil Drawer!
  • 2 Writable Rectangular Labels to Customize Food Contents With the Name of Your Favorite Dish and Date You Made It.
  • 2 Bonus Writable Labels — Limited Time Offer.
  • 50 Handy Toothpick Flags Which are Perfect for Served Foods, Sandwiches, Hors D’Oeuvres, Cookouts, Parties, Buffets, Potlucks, Eating on the Go.
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind Wherever You Go–Take Gluten Free Labels Along on Vacation or When Visiting Friends and Family.
  • Menu of Items We Recommend You Label and Tag “Gluten Free” is Included Too.

Product Description

15 Mini Labels

Distinguish the gluten free from the gluten-tainted by branding your gluten free foods with Gluten Free Labels. Use these dishwasher safe labels on Tupperware, ziplock bags (where you store frozen meals), condiments, butter dishes, refrigerator shelves, pantry shelves, snack drawers, and more!

Product Description: Our gluten free label mini labels are printed on durable vinyl with a glossy finish.   The words “gluten free” has been placed on each label to inform family, guests, and friends of gluten forbidden zones!

There are fifteen labels per sheet. Size: 3/4″ square.

6 Circular Labels

Flash these dishwasher safe labels on jars and containers storing condiments such as the lids of mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, jam, cream cheese, hummus, dips and spreads. Baking supplies, cutting boards and grains also benefit from labels to shield against cross contamination scares.

Product Description: Our gluten free label circular labels are also printed on durable vinyl with a glossy finish. There are 6 labels printed on a 4″ x 6″ sheet.  Size: 7/8″ diameter.

2 Writable Labels & 2 More Bonus Labels (for a limited time only!)

Stick these customizable labels on party/potluck dishes, lunch bags/boxes and/or your ice machine. Guard against cross contamination and introduce a delightful gluten free dish or option to friends and/or partygoers.

Product Description: Our gluten free writable labels are not dishwasher safe so they can be personalized with a name of a meal or baked item. They are perfect for customizing gluten free items. Size: 3 3/16” x 2 1/16″.

4 writable, rectangular labels come in this package for a limited time. 

2 Gluten Free Tags

Attach this dishwasher friendly, oven and microwave safe tag to your gluten free strainer, bread machine, cutting board, grill, pots, pans, serving utensils, spatula, flour sifter, or dough board.

Product Description: Our gluten free tag is made out of 100% silicon to withstand oven, dishwasher, and/or microwave use. Size: 2”.

One round silicon tag with silicon strap is included in this package. 

50 Gluten Free Flags

Mark your gluten free appetizers and foods with our gluten free flags to wave off impending gluten contaminants.

Product description: Our Gluten Free Labels flag package includes 50 gluten free branded toothpicks. Kit contains 2 bundles of flags.




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