Gluten Free Tag


2 Gluten Free Tags

  • 2 Round Silicone Tags with Silicon Straps Included – (Size: 2″ in Diameter)
  • At Home — Clearly Display on Your Gluten Free Strainers, Pots, Serving Utensils, Toasters and More with this Tagging Bundle of Joy.
  • For A Party — They Are Versatile! Easily Wrap Around Anything (Crock Pot, Tray, 2-Tier Display) to Quickly Inform Guests of Any Gluten Free Restrictions
  • On Vacation — Enjoy Peace of Mind Wherever You Go! Take the “Gluten Free” Branded Tags When Visiting Friends and Family.
  • Dishwasher Friendly, Microwave and Oven Safe


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Product Description

Clearly display these gluten free tags on your gluten free strainers, pots, crock pots, toasters, serving utensils and more.  Includes: 2 silicone tags (dishwasher save, microwaveable, and oven safe).

2 round silicon tags with silicon straps are included in this package.

Size: 2” round

Our gluten free tag is made out of 100% silicon so you can rest assured it will last when putting it in the dishwasher, microwave and/or oven.


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