Gluten Free Fire Truck Birthday Party

This gluten free fire truck birthday party was memorable and safe for those with Celiac Disease!

Over the weekend, we celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday party at our local firehouse.  My inspiration was from Pinterest and we made everything gluten free although we did have some glutenous foods (Twizzlers, Cheese-its are some glutenous foods pictured in the photo).

On the gluten free menu: Salad, gluten free pizza, fruit salad, gluten free Synder pretzel dipped in white chocolate with a tip of red edible sprinkles (“matches”), popcorn, gluten free cupcakes, Red Hot candy and Big Red gum.  You’ll notice our gluten free tag came in handy on the gluten free popcorn (didn’t want anyone sticking their glutenous hands into the gfree popcorn) and the pizza slicer.   The cupcakes also featured our toothpick flag.  To check out more of our products, visit:  Everyone had a great day and no-one got glutenized thanks to everything being labeled.  Only problem…I don’t know how I am going to top this party next year:)

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