Gluten Free Toothpick Flags

Gluten Free toothpick flags are now available.  Whether you call them gluten free picks, gluten free labels toothpick flag_TITLEgluten free cupcake markers, gluten free cupcake toppers or gluten free toothpick flags, you can wave off impending gluten contaminants by flying these flags in your gluten free fruit platters, finger foods, mini sandwiches, appetizers, and more!

Do party scenarios cause you worry? Do you watch your gluten free foods like a hawk, obsessing over cross contamination risks? No more! Now, claim your gluten free territory with our gluten free toothpick flags.  Plus, show off these flags in bake sale items, such as gluten free cupcakes, to present buyers with gluten free options and delights.  Check them out here today!

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