Entertaining a Gluten Free Guest on Thanksgiving? Our “How to Set a Gluten Free Thanksgiving Table” Guide Should Help!

Gluten Free Thanksgiving TableGluten Free Entertaining on Thanksgiving?

Our “How to Set a Gluten Free Table on Thanksgiving” guide will help you serve those on a gluten free diet so it won’t be as problematic. How to set up a gluten free Thanksgiving table in 5 easy steps:

  1. Go 1st: Be the first to make your plate. You”ll lessen the chances of someone accidentally dropping glutenous crumbs into your gluten free meal.
  2. Separate gluten free foods from glutenous foods: Designate a separate glutenous and gluten free area so gluten cross-contamination doesn’t accidentally occur.  Read this guide if you need more info on gluten Cross Contamination Prevention!
  3. Bring your own gluten free food and drinks:  It’s normal for a host to be weary about cooking a gluten free meal because of the risk of gluten cross-contamination. Nobody wants to sicken a guest. Feel free to cook & bring your own gluten free foods. If you choose to share your dish with others, label it gluten free to remind others of your gluten restrictions.
  4. Wave off contaminates by flagging them: Mark your gluten free spreads & dips gluten free so others don’t accidentally dip their wheat cracker into your gluten free dip and contaminate the entire dish.
  5. Serving utensils should be tagged gluten free so others don’t accidentally place a glutenous utensil in your gluten free dish and cross-contaminate it.

We’ve created an infographic to share with your friends and family.  Use the social icons below to spread it around so no one suffers from gluten cross-contamination this holiday season and buy your own set of “gluten free” labels, tags and flags HERE!


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